EEO Compliance and Litigation Preparedness: A Primer for Business Owners

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There is no denying it: Business-owners face various forms of litigation including commercial disputes, workers’ compensation claims, personal injury actions, and employment litigation. But employment litigation is quite unique from other types of legal disputes. Fortunately, EEO compliance helps avoid claims and establish viable defenses if a discrimination claim does arise.

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More Evidence on the Evidence: An Historical Overview of Capital Market Theory

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Why do we refer to our approach as evidence-based investing? As we introduced in our related paper, “Evidence on the Evidence,” we believe that the evidence – especially the kind that has been peer-reviewed and time-tested – is at the root of everything else we do to help investors achieve their personal goals through sound strategy. This begs the question: Which specific evidence has borne the most fruit over time? An exhaustive account of every meaningful contribution would be a lengthy list indeed, but it helps to be familiar with the most important insights that, in aggregate, offer investors a clearer pathway through the market’s daily twists and turns.

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