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We’ve been working side-by-side with not-for-profit organizations of all sizes for decades, creating tailored investment strategies and processes for their continued financial success.


Long-term financial results, longstanding relationships — that’s our promise to nonprofit clients.

Always independent, always with your best interest in mind — we help not-for-profit clients achieve their financial objectives through efficient and cost-effective investment management, considering drivers of return and smart diversification strategies.

Our Process for Nonprofits

Our investment process addresses the most important areas of need within your organization, ensuring that the assets entrusted to you fully support the stated mission. Throughout our relationship, Sensenig Capital will focus on the following four key areas of service.

You have a fiduciary obligation to your institution and we provide expert guidance and education in fulfilling this commitment – with a keen eye for costs.

A close working relationship with your finance team to determine portfolio liquidity, investment policy development, asset allocation, etc…

A strict reliance on evidence-based industry best practices. Our investment solutions are customized and targeted to the needs and mission or your organization.

We provide what your team needs to support the institution’s financial reporting. Common data points as well as additional custom information you may need or request.

Ongoing Investment Expertise, Always In Your Best Interest.

Sensenig Capital provides all-inclusive, ongoing financial guidance to ensure you reach your institutional goals. Our fees are priced to be a good value. Because we run our business efficiently, we’re able to pass our cost savings onto you.

Our fee is based on a percentage of assets under management and priced competitively to provide additional value to your organization.

Our Fees

  • Based on percentage of assets under management
  • Driven by services desired and marketplace competitiveness
  • No asset requirements or annual fee minimums
  • Direct access to our fiduciary expertise and ongoing support