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401(k) & Financial Planning for Architecture and Construction Companies

Secure your financial future and your peace of mind.

Boost Your Financial IQ with a Partner Who Understands the Architecture & Construction Industries


You want the best service at the best value from someone trustworthy and competent. Someone who looks out for you and answers when you call. Sensenig acts as an independent fiduciary, offering you the best plan for your specific needs.


Specialized expertise is critical when it comes to financial planning for construction and architecture firms. Your industry and its needs are unique, and you need a partner who understands that and can tailor an offering accordingly. Sensenig delivers personalized plans suited to your industry, company size, and unique requirements.


With these industries evolving faster than ever, 401(k) and financial planning for architecture and construction firms requires a proactive and highly responsive approach. With our on-site presence and educational outreach, we provide hands-on customer service and peace of mind. 

Financial Planning Client Case Studies

Sensenig Capital Advisors Helps Architecture Firm Find More Cost-Effective 401(k) Plan

RLPS Gains More Diversified Investment Menu, Ongoing Benchmarking, and Continued Financial Planning Education

Financial Planning Client Case Studies

Architecture Partner Discovers Advantages of Personal Financial Planning

This case study underscores how a tailored approach considering individual goals and circumstances can pave the way to financial clarity and confidence. Through Sensenig’s expert guidance, the client integrated various financial aspects into a cohesive plan.

How Financial & 401(k) Planning Works with Sensenig Capital

1. Exploring Our Potential
We jump right in to learn how we can help, benchmarking to uncover opportunities and see how your current plan compares.
2. Onboarding
We sign a service agreement, design a plan, and connect participants with our advisory team to introduce the new plan.
3. Ongoing Relationship
We ensure the plan remains competitive, monitor investment options, ensure compliance, and offer you advice and guidance from credentialed professionals.
4. Next-Level Expertise
When you’re ready, take advantage of additional services like wealth management, exit planning, and benefit enhancements.

Maximize Your Potential with Construction & Architecture Financial Planning & Smart 401(k) Programs

If you’re looking for 401(k) plans or financial planning tailored to construction and architectural firms, Sensenig Capital can help you maximize your potential with guidance from experts who understand your industry. We’re here to help and always available to take your call.