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Sensenig Capital featured on Point Blank

Sensenig Capital was recently featured in an article written by Danielle Roller on the blog Point Blank. This blog is administered by Direct Capital, a company specializing in small business financing. The article highlights 33 finance experts who reveal the number #1 mistake small businesses make with money and finances. Below is a excerpt:

“Ask any small business expert and they will tell you that, aside from providing a truly valuable service or product, proper money management is among the absolute most important aspects of a successful business. It makes total sense: money relates to every part of a business from top to bottom, so you would think that small business owners would take every precaution available to protect their finances.

Yet time and time again, you’ll see countless small business owners who seem to have their act together fail miserably by virtue of careless money and finance missteps that they could have easily avoided.

As a company dealing closely with business finance, we wanted to know some advanced tips on how small businesses can ensure they’re making the right money management decisions, and also how they can avoid the most common (and avoidable) small business finance mistakes. To do that, we asked 33 business finance experts the following question:

What’s the number one mistake small businesses make when it comes to money and finances?
We’ve collected and compiled their expert advice into this comprehensive guide to effective money management tips for small businesses. We hope it will help you improve and protect your company’s bottom line, and ultimately ensure that you have the right business finance plan in place that will lead you to success.”

To read the full article please click here. Thank you to Ms. Roller and the folks at Direct Capital for featuring our comments in this informative article.

Note: Sensenig Capital has no affiliation with Direct Capital or the author of this article.