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Kurt Angstadt, CFP® featured in Financial Advisor IQ

Kurt Angstadt, CFP® was recently featured in Financial Advisor IQ as a contributor to their article titled “Help Business Owners Separate their Business and Personal Goals”. Please see an excerpt from the article below:

Several years ago, I started working with a business owner who managed 20 to 30 employees in the manufacturing industry. I worked with him individually on investment management, and every year he made contributions to his personal accounts. At first, we didn’t have any understanding of his business beyond a means of generating cash flow.

This past year, when we were looking at his overall financial plan, I started asking him about his business. The ensuing conversation was illuminating, to say the least. He opened up about some of his goals for his business. He also revealed that he did not yet have a succession plan in place. It became clear that in order to help him achieve his long-term goals, we needed to talk about his business. It wasn’t just the way he made money; it was woven into the fabric of his life. Read the entire article by clicking here.