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Top 5 Apps to Save You Money

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The smartphone has become the one-stop-shop when it comes to consumer demands. It feels like there is an app for almost everything. With the influx of unique and intuitive apps, there is no better time in history to take advantage of finance-related technology. We’ve rounded up our favorite apps to help calculate budgets, curb overspending and avoid late payments.

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Protecting Your Child from Identity Theft

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In September 2017 a massive Equifax security breach became public knowledge. If there was a silver lining to this infamous event, it likely spurred more consumers to take more measures to protect their identities. Perhaps you’ve frozen your lines of credit, or you’re at least checking your credit reports more regularly these days. But what about your kids? As distasteful as the idea may be, child identity theft is a serious and growing concern, for several reasons.

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There’s More to Retirement than Just Numbers

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Have you considered the emotional aspects of retirement and how to plan wisely? In today’s world, people are working well past the age of 65 before retiring. Some people who are in good health may not be ready to retire just yet because they like what they do, want to keep busy, or need the extra money. If retirement is knocking on your door, you may want to start preparing yourself emotionally for it now, because preparation goes beyond making sure you have enough income.

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An Evidence-Based Approach to Sustainable Investing Part I: Setting the Sustainable Stage

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If there’s one trait most of us share, it’s a desire to make the world a better place. No wonder there’s so much interest in sustainable investing. Who wouldn’t want to try to earn decent if not stellar returns, while contributing – or at least causing less harm – to the greater good? But what is the greater good? What is a decent return? How do we make it all happen?

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