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February 2017

An Index Overview – Part II: A Few Points About Index Points

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As we covered in our last piece, indexes have their uses. If you’ve got an investment strategy that’s designed to capture that market, you can see how your strategy is doing in comparison … again, roughly. You can also invest in an index fund that tracks an index that tracks that market. This may help explain why everyone seems to be forever watching, analyzing and talking about the most popular indexes and their every move. But you may still have questions about what they are and how they really work.

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What is a Power of Attorney? And Do I Need One?

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A Power of Attorney is a legal document by which you give someone else the legal capacity to do things for you, in your name, as if you were doing them yourself. every adult should designate an agent and execute a Power of Attorney. Disease, dementia, stroke or anything else can cause you to become incapacitated and unable to take care of your financial and other matters. Life is never certain but designating an agent is.

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